About Vonken

Over Vonken - Meet the founders

Meet the founders

A chef and a crafter who share a passion for adventure, fire and enjoying cosy moments together: the ideal team. After a lot of heavily studied prototypes, endless experimenting, and cooking sessions across the country, Vonken Original was born. Adrien and Sebastian easily found their way to the West-Flemish metal industry, impressive product designers with a keen eye for details, and the Burgundian, rather exuberant Belgian food culture.

We continue to build on Vonken’s outdoor ovens with the help of local stakeholders. 

Van een roeste ton naar een perfecte oven

From a rusty barrel to a perfect oven

A camping meadow in the Ardennes, an old oil barrel and a bunch of rocks: this is how Vonken originated.

It all started with a rusty barrel that we used to prepare our first pizzas, oven dishes and barbecued food with for our camping companions. Little were we aware of the amazing cooking appliance we had in our midst. This rusty barrel eventually transformed and evolved into the elegant ovens we currently produce.

Over Vonken - Koken met vuur

Cooking with fire

Fire means life. Families and friends in the Scandinavian North, the Low Countries, or the sunny South all strive for an ultimate feeling of connection. This is a mission that Vonken holds dearly: design a limitless outdoor kitchen that can easily prepare a vast array of dishes and that, at the same time, can create an elegant atmosphere in all seasons, an atmosphere that brings people together.

Over Vonken - Voor elke Vonken een boom

Vonken plants a tree for every oven sold

Europeans are Burgundians. We learned this during our many camping trips between forest and meadow and on our numerous adventures. The aroma and the ambiance of a wood oven combined with the quality of a professional oven: our concept was born. Our authentic passion for outdoor cooking and our adventurous mindset make us ambitious oven builders who strive for perfection and responsibility

Over Vonken - duurzaamheid, wij planten voor elke verkochte Vonken houtoven een boom

Therefore, we plant a tree for every oven sold. This combines gastronomic pleasures with responsible business. Furthermore, Vonken is the only Belgian wood oven manufacturer on the market and produces the ovens entirely domestically, which ensures the superior quality of our product.