Pellets and Smoker Tools

A new, simple, and delicious way of smoking food. Vonken pellets are sustainable and fit for all kamados, grills, ovens, and barbecues. The origin of these pellets is a 100% European wood; carefully selected cuttings from fruit, wine and olive orchards, wooden barrels and other forms of upcycling. 


This smoker tool is designed for beginners and absolute experts. Two-fold smoker tool for every kamado, grill, barbecue, or oven. Delicious to smoke warm or cold food. Ignite a firelighter on one side and fill the rest of the tool with the smoke pellets. Thanks to the air net, you can combine multiple flavours and choose how long you want to smoke for. Blow out the flame after 5 minutes, close the lid and put the tool in the barbecue, grill, oven or kamado. Creates up to 8 hours of smoke. 

Made from sustainable, high-quality stainless steel. Consists of a smoker tool with lid and removable platform for maximum smoke development. Dimensions: 28 cm by 5 cm. 

Also for pizza ovens

Our pellets serve well for all kinds of pizza ovens with pellet combustion (also Vonken Mini). Vonken composed a perfect hardwood blend to enrich pizzas with an authentic Italian wood aroma. A neutral, perfectly balanced, lightly sweet undertone thanks to a powerful portion of beech for optimal heat and flame, enriched with apple and walnut for authentic Italian wood aromas. 

Why pellets?

Pellets are a new way to get wood ready for combustion. By extrusion, the small wood parts are compressed into little logs. This ensures optimal ignition or smoking, depending on the application. Pellets are mainly imported from the U.S. and, through a lack of monitoring the supply chains, sometimes contain undesirable or even treated woods, or are in parts made from pine wood coming from monoculture plantations. 

Vonken exercises full control on the selection and production process through participation in the wood pellet manufacturer. This ensures Vonken only uses a 100% European hardwood, coming from carefully selected cuttings from fruit orchards, wood from barrels or untreated wood residue from sawmills. This way, Vonken provides a high-quality and sustainable alternative on the European market. 



Rich and full flavour, fruity with a punch. Excellent blend for fish, poultry, dark meat, ribs, bacon, pork, hard vegetables, lamb, and cheese. 


Fruity and soft, exquisitely aromatic. Superb to create a fine smoke flavour in game, red meat and poultry, but also lamb, cheese, pork and fish. 


Delicious nutty flavour, lightly sweet with hints of chestnut. Used by the Greeks for Mediterranean products such as lamb, pork, red meat, and fish. 


Neutral, perfectly balanced, lightly sweet undertone. A strong portion of beech for powerful heat and flame. Enriched with apple and walnut for authentic Italian wood aromas.