This is Vonken,
the new wood oven

Vonken’s elegant outdoor oven is a real ambiance maker in which you can grill, bake pizza, bake bread and anything you set your mind to. Vonken is way more than just a simple wood oven: it’s a barbecue, kamado, pizza oven and outdoor stove all in one.

Vonken original, meer dan een houtoven

Limitless outdoor kitchens

Vonken provides easy and limitless cooking. Vonken is the most complete outdoor kitchen on the market thanks to the compatible accessories, and you really needn’t be a star chef to be able to work with our wood ovens. You’ll attain the most authentic flavours thanks to the rich aroma of coal and wood.

NEW – Smoker tools & Pellets

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Vonken original, meer dan een houtoven

A combination of design and quality
from €2 595 incl. VAT

Vonken Mini houtoven

Everything an outdoor oven ought to be
€899 incl. VAT